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The Canopy of the Uhlmann Giant Umbrellas  -  The Quality is in the Details

The canopies of our umbrellas are made with the highest quality materials to stand up against harsh weather conditions for many years. They are available in a wide variety of attractive colors and textures to match or compliment any setting. They are designed to be stylish from the most elegant to the most casual setting. By the creative use of materials, colors, color contrasts and trimmings, they become a prime and pleasant focal point in any environment.

The fabrics have excellent shape stability (no stretching or shrinking) and have excellent resistance to wind tear-out. They also resist fading and absorb no moisture.

To assure that our umbrellas always look the best, spring-loaded end pieces on the arms keep the canopy automatically streched properly under any weather condition.

Giant Umbrellas - Outdoor Market Umbrellas - Canopy sewing

Canopies made from top quality material with outstanding fabric characteristics.
Canopy fabrics are cut on our computer operated machine and sewn in-house by highly qualified seamstresses.
With our special sewing technology our canopies are waterproof.
Canopies are available with or without valences.

Giant Umbrellas - Large Commercial Umbrellas - Canopy trimming

Dickson™ Sunacryl® Specification

100% solution dyed Sunacrylic with Cleanguard
Weight 290g/sqm
Color fastness and UV resistance 7 to 8/8
Water pressure resistance 350mm
Available in 22 standard and over 50 specialty colors.
Fire retardant fabrics are also available in eleven colors.
Optional Dickson "Orchestra" fabric available in 96 colors.

Giant Umbrellas - Large Patio Umbrellas - Finished Canopy

Airtex™ Specification

100% polyester fabric, Teflon on top side
Weight 195g/sqm
Color fastness and UV resistance 6 to 8/8
Water pressure resistance 700mm
Used for trimming and hamming
Available in 28 standard colors

We offer excellent business opportunity to qualified dealers/distributors in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

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