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Technical Info - Uhlmann Giant Umbrellas - The Quality is in the Details

The Uhlmann Giant Umbrellas are available in different "types". but all Uhlmann umbrellas are telescopic. The frame is raised when the umbrella is closing to give high table clearance, - an important aspect for the hospitality industry.

Our Type T "classic" umbrellas are our smaller ones that cover from 4 to 27 square meters. They are the perfect choice for many shade solutions. The TL/TLx models are the "giants" of the umbrella world. They provide perfect shade up to 78 square maters for medium to large areas. Our StrongWind Umbrellas are available in the most popular sizes. They were developed for extremely windy locations. and were wind tunnel tested to over 100 kilometer per hour.

There are many common features between all the Uhlmann umbrellas. Those, and the differences in their mechanics are listed below.

The Frame

Open frame of Giant Umbrella Closed frames for Giant Umbrellas Open frame of Giant StrongWind Umbrella
dot For all the Uhlmann Giant Umbrellas the frames are powder coated white aluminum that resists peeling, chipping, rusting and oxidation. They remain easy to clean, maintenance free and permanently appealing.
dot The Type T umbrellas, (including the StrongWind and Type TX umbrellas) are built with 8 very strong arms.
dot The Type TL and TLX umbrellas are manufactured with 10 or 12 exceptionally strong arms, depending on their size and shape.
dot The solid frame construction with strong masts provide maximum stability and durability.
dot All roof arms and supporting arms are individually exchangeable without special tools.
dot The roof arms are rigid, the lower parts are reinforced with interior pipes.
dot The connecting joints between the roof arms and the supporting arms are made with U channels.
dot The corner arms of our square umbrellas are reinforced with strong aluminium tubes to provide additional strength.
dot All joints are manufactured from high grade stainless or galvanized steel.
dot Adjustable, spring loaded end pieces ensure automatic tightening of the canopy and allow the cover to be changed easily.
dot All of our umbrellas passed the extensive load and rigidity testing by the German non-profit quality and safety control institute, and we are proud to carry their quality seal "Production Monitored - Safety Tested".

The Mechanics

Mexhanics of Type T Giant Umbrellas Mexhanics of Type TL/TLX Giant Umbrellas Mechanics of SidePost Giant Umbrellas
Type T Umbrellas Type TL and TLx Umbrellas SidePost Umbrellas
dot All Uhlmann Giant Umbrellas are telescopic. The frame is raised while closing the umbrella to allow high table clearance for most umbrellas.
dot The telescopic umbrella with cranked lever operation is exceptionally strong, ensuring high wind stability and durability. It is also very safe and easy to operate. Even the largest umbrellas can be raised or lowered by a  child.
dot The Type T umbrellas (including the StrongWind and TX) operate with a fixed hub. Roof arms are attached individually to the telescope plate, and each supporting arm is mounted individually to the mast plate. The mast plate is welded to the mast.
dot  The Type TL and TLx umbrellas operate with a slider in addition to the telescope. (Movable hub). The roof arms mounted individually to the telescope plate and the supporting arms are individually bolted to the slider plate. The slider is connected to the telescope with two stainless steel wires. The telescope and the slider are moving together (but in opposite direction), enabling the very easy operation of the umbrella.
dot  The telescopic part moves on high density plastic bearing and guided to prevent rotation and twisting.
dot  The maintenance free gear box (built into the mast) rotates the special spindle lift which is moving the telescoping part.

The Drive

Crank Handle Solution      Crank Handle Solution Greasing the Gear Box Mahagony imitation on mast
dot The gear-box is built into the mast for all Uhlmann Giant Umbrellas. It is maintenance free, with lifetime lubrication. The gears are specially treated to withstand maximum torque.
dot The spindle lift runs in a closed tube, preventing corrosion and providing smooth operation.
dot The drive crank handle locks the spindles automatically in every opening/closing position, to prevent accidental opening or closing of the umbrella.
dot The cranking handle is removable for safety and aesthetic reasons.
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