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The Frame of the Uhlmann Giant Umbrellas  -  The Quality is in the Details

The highest quality materials and advanced engineering applied to the frame, assure the strength, stability and longevity of even our largest umbrellas. Large diameter mast with substantial wall thickness and reinforced joints are responsible for their exceptional wind resistance.

The high quality powder coating of the frame prevents oxidation and rusting, resists stretching, peeling and chipping, making our frames permanently appealing.

Uhlmann Giant Umbrellas - Frame

The frames of the Uhlmann Umbrellas are made of the best extruded aluminum, and is reinforced internally.

Connecting components are high quality stainless or galvanizes steel.

Our Classic (Type T) and the smaller StrongWind (Type TS) umbrellas are manufactured with eight strong arms, while the Giant (TL/TLX) and large StrongWind (TSX) umbrellas have ten or twelve exceptionally strong arms.

Uhlmann Giant Umbrellas - Frame

The modular design provides for easy replacement of the arms. Individual arms can be replaced in minutes with the simplest tools.


In addition to our popular standard white, all RAL colors are available for powder coating. Life-like wood and marble coating can be chosen from our DECORALĀ® samples.

Uhlmann Giant Umbrellas - Frame

Spring loaded end pieces keep the canopy taught in any weather and throughout the life of the canopy.

The strength and durability of the Uhlmann Giant Umbrellas start with the exceptionally crafted frame.


The gold decal we put on our frames carries the message "good as gold".

We offer excellent business opportunity to qualified dealers/distributors in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

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