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Welcome to Uhlmann Giant Umbrellas - Market Leader in Quality and Value

The Uhlmann LARGE OUTDOOR UMBRELLAS can be found on all five continents. The hospitality industry appreciates these commercial strength giant umbrellas world wide, and they are popular with municipalities for various applications. Our smaller "classic" outdoor umbrellas serve our residential customers.

The UHLMANN GIANT UMBRELLAS are manufactured with the highest grade materials in three shapes, and over 100 sizes. Adjacent square or rectangular umbrellas can be linked with rain gutters to cover very large areas. Optional side panels, infrared heating and lighting add to our umbrellas practical use, while attractive valences provide advertising or marketing space and draw customers' attention to the business. Permanent and portable installations are offered for easy and safe operation. The Uhlmann Giant Umbrellas are Made in Germany.

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Giant StrongWind Umbrella Load Tested

Lights and heaters are available accessories on Large Commercial Umbrellas

Our StrongWind Giant Umbrellas are our best yet!

They are unrivaled in strength, and unsurpassed in proven wind resistance. The result of the recent, TUV supervised wind tunnel test, our StrongWind Umbrellas exceeded even our expectations.

The StrongWind comfortably passed the 102km or 60 miles per hour mark for wind velocity. At the 121 kmph wind speed the test was halted by Mercedes-Benz. The scale, on which the umbrella was mounted reached its weight limit at close to 4000 kilogram pressure. But the 121 kilometer per hour wind velocity already translates to 75 miles per hour or Hurricane 1 Force Wind!

StrongWind Umbrella in Wind Tunnel Wind Turbine at Mercedes Benz

We manufacture more than 2000 large and extra large umbrellas a year, each with the same attention to the quality of material and meticulous workmanship. Our manufacturing capacity is keeping pace with the growing demand. Our new facility houses the most modern machinery, and we continue to bring more phases of the manufacturing process in-house.

Telescopic umbrellas are taller when closed


StrongWind Umbrellas - Special Installation Giant Umbrellas at Municipal Pool Complex Classic Uhlmann Commercial Umbrella
See the special installation of the Uhlmann StrongWind Umbrellas in
Bad Vilbel, Germany
Visit our gallery of site installations.
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