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Installation of the Uhlmann Giant Umbrellas

The primary objective when installing the Uhlmann Giant Umbrellas is the safety and security of people and property. We offer two types of permanent installations for our large size umbrellas that meets those requirements, and adjustable portable stand for our smaller umbrellas.

Permanent Installation

General Rules For In-Ground Installation
The location of the assembly must be selected in such a way that allows 20 cm distance between the edge of the open umbrella and the building, or any other obstacle.
When several umbrellas are installed in close proximity, the base assembly should be located in such a way, that a distance of 20 cm will remain between the umbrellas.

During in-ground installation, the sleeve is embedded in concrete. The upper sleeve is then attached securely to the in-ground sleeve. The mast of the umbrella is secured in the upper sleeve with a special clamp and a counter screw that provides absolute vertical stability. The in-ground sleeve is galvanized, the upper sleeve is powder coated to match any requirement, or to match the color of the umbrella. For easier handling the larger, top heavy umbrellas, the two sleeves are connected by hinges.

We specify the dimensions for the concrete foundation. The actual dimensions of the foundation should not be smaller than the specified dimensions.

The base plate installation is used at locations where a good quality concrete base is already available. In this situation the base plate is secured to the concrete and the upper sleeve is attached to the base plate. An optional adapter plate (or hinge plate) allows the upper sleeve to fold into horizontal position for easier handling installation.

We specify the dimensions for the concrete base. The actual dimensions of the base should not be smaller than the specified dimensions.

Upper Sleeve In-Ground Sleeve Base Plate with Upper Sleeve
Upper Sleeve In-Ground Sleeve Base Plate with Upper Sleeve

Portable Installation

For our smaller umbrellas we supply a fully galvanized welded steel base frame that holds four standard 50 cm x 50 cm paving slabs. For larger umbrellas the portable base has room for eight 40x40 cm slabs. The weight of these concrete slabs hold down the base plate firmly, counter balancing the structure.

We specify the counter weight recommended for the specific size umbrella. The actual counter weight should not be less than the weight specified.

The four corners of the base frame are individually and easily adjustable to eliminate the possible un-evenness of the ground. To further increase the mobility and ease of use, the base frame can be installed on rollers.

Typr T Portable Stand Coaster Wheel Type TL/TLX Portable Stand Height Adjuster
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