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A Special Installation - Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York NY

After two years of extensive renovation, the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s 5th Avenue Plaza opened to the public on September 10th. The MET is one of the world most prestigious museums with over six million visitors a year.

The completely redesigned plaza runs for four city blocks along the Museum’s entire facade on 5th Avenue. It features new fountains, rows of trees, shade providing parasols, designer granite benches and diffused night time lighting.

Spatial Affairs Bureau was part of the winning team for this select invited competition to provide site furnishing and architecture.

Metropolitan Umbrellas by Uhlmann

Metropolitan Museum of Art 5th Avenue Plaza.

Metropolitan Umbrellas by Uhlmann

Uhlmann Umbrellas at the North side.

Metropolitan Umbrellas by Uhlmann

Looking North along 5th Avenue.

Metropolitan Umbrellas by Uhlmann

Umbrellas and benches along the South wing.

Metropolitan Umbrellas by Uhlmann


Metropolitan Umbrellas by Uhlmann

LED lights provide soft lighting on the scene.

We were very proud when Peter Culley at Spatial Affairs contacted us with his unique design for the "Metropolitan Umbrellas". It was a challenge to produce the trapezoid umbrella with its unusual angle to its base. But now fourteen Uhlmann umbrellas provide not only shade, but a feast for the eyes, along the MET's landmark facade. We are very happy to showcase our umbrellas at such a beautiful location.

We offer excellent business opportunity to qualified dealers/distributors in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

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