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Uhlmann StrongWind Umbrellas - (Types TS/TSX/TX)

Our StrongWind umbrellas were developed for extremely windy locations. We have clocked 100 kilometer per hour winds and video taped storms as they were torturing our StrongWind umbrellas on our test lot. They survived ferocious winds, rain storms, snow storms and ice without damage to their frame or their canopy!

The absolute PROOF of their strength came in a TUV supervised wind tunnel test at the Mercedes-Benz facility near Stuttgart. Numbers are FACTS. The results proved that we we created an umbrella with exceptional strength and durability, and that the Uhlmann StrongWind umbrellas are THE perfect solution for every windy location, wherever they might be!

The StrongWind Umbrellas dance with the wind. They twist and turn, but when the storm is over they stand undamaged. Every business deserves the same assurance that their investment will be safe and solid for many years.

We offer excellent business opportunity to qualified dealers/distributors in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

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