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Giant Umbrellas - Large Commercial Umbrellas - Extra Large Patio Umbrellas
Large Outdoor Umbrellas

Welcome to Uhlmann Giant Umbrellas - Market Leader in Quality and Value

The Uhlmann LARGE COMMERCIAL UMBRELLAS are made in Germany for twenty years, and can be found on all five continents. Their superb design, expert engineering and precision manufacturing made them the choice of European customers who demand the best.

Our GIANT UMBRELLAS provide stylish protection from the elements to a wide range of customers from exclusive hotels and restaurants, resorts and country clubs to cafes and pubs. Extra large outdoor umbrellas and pool umbrellas serve municipalities, and our residential customers enjoy our smaller, but commercial strength "classic" umbrellas.

Giant Umbrellas by Uhlmann - Classic

Classic Umbrellas - Type T

Classic design, unrivaled quality and workmanship made our Type T umbrellas the favorite choice of our European customers.  More...

Giant Umbrellas by Uhlmann

Giant Umbrellas - TL/TLX

Our Type TL/TLX Giant Commercial Umbrellas are the perfect choice when a strong and durable umbrella is desired for a large area shelter from rain and shine.  More...

Giant Umbrellas by Uhlmann - StrongWind

StrongWind Umbrellas

Unsurpassed in strength,the StrongWind is a stunning statement of innovation on the large scale, but with attention to the smallest detail.  More...

Giant Umbrellas by Uhlmann - Cantilever Umbrellas

Cantilever Umbrellas

Sleek and elegant, strong and functional, - our SidePost Umbrellas are very popular in the residential and commercial market.   More...

Giant Umbrellas by Uhlmann - Marine Umbrellas

Marine Umbrellas

Another innovative design idea by Uhlmann Umbrellas is of special interest in seaside environments and in the yachting circles.  More...

Giant Umbrella Accessories - Lights


A galore of optional items add practicality and ambience to every line of Uhlmann umbrellas, creating a cozy environment in any weather.  More...

StrongWind Umbrellas in Wind Tunnel

Wind Tunnel Test

Unsurpassed in strength and wind resistance, our StrongWind umbrellas are setting the quality standard for others to follow. More...

Commercial Umbrellas by Uhlmann at the 2015 R+T Exhibit

Picture of the Week

Uhlmann Commercial Umbrellas showing off their unsurpassed quality at the 2015 R+T Exhibit in Stuttgart.  More...

We offer excellent business opportunity to qualified dealers/distributors in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Uhlmann Giant Umbrellas

Uhlmann Sonnenschirme e.K.
Langer Rain 3-5
88524 Uttenweiler-Dentingen

Phone: +49 73 74 - 91 48 45
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We are committed to provide our customers with the best products, at the best prices and with the best service.

Our umbrellas are custom made to satisfy our customers' highest expectation and varied requirements.